One password - Unlock multiple content


Compatible with WooCommerce

Your E-commerce store offers customer-specific or premium products that requires permission to view and purchase. 

Private collections are available to different customer groups. 

All product pages are locked with a single password. Customers only need to enter the password once to unlock all protected content.

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Master passwords

Once entering the correct password, customers are allowed to access their private product pages sharing the same password.

Set usage limit and expiration date for your master passwords to prevent password sharing.

Parent - children pages

Each collection serves as a parent page and all corresponding product pages are its children. 

Customers are able to use the password of either parent pages or any of the child pages to unlock ALL protected parent-children pages at the SAME TIME.

Category protection

Feature provided by Access Levels extension

Set different access levels for particular product categories. Higher-level passwords can be used to unlock the same or lower-level content.

Auto-protect new posts under any selected categories of the base level.

Group protection

Feature provided by Group Protection extension

A better way to create and manage your product pages to make them accessible to certain group of users.

Enter 1 password to unlock all product pages under the same group. How does that sound?