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Marketing Online Courses

As you build your digital marketing online course site, offering a few free courses is a great way to entice users to check out your site.

While the free content is shown to the public, you’d need to hide premium content sections to exclusive users only. Without a password, no one is able to view the whole page.

Wonder how to lock certain parts of your courses and require passwords to access the full course content?

Say no more...

Let’s password protect partial WordPress content with PPWP Pro!

Beside giving away general information on marketing that everyone can access, it’s critical to password protect premium content sections, allowing specific users’ access only.

What’s more, unlock multiple sections on the same or different pages at once using the same password. 

Restricted Content

Premium content. Please enter your password to view this section

Enter 123 to unlock all protected content sections sharing the same password, both on this page and other pages

Tips: Ask users to take certain action, such as follow your social media channels or fill in a survey, to get access

Premium Content

How easy is it to create & unlock private WordPress content sections?

With PPWP Pro, it takes only a few minutes, or even seconds 😉

A glance at some other features

Shortcode parameters to enhance partial protection

Multiple passwords to lock parts of content

Whitelisted roles to bypass protection without passwords

Customize Protected Content Block

Style the look and feel of the password form as you like. Brilliant, isn't it?

Please enter 456 to view this hidden section

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