Education Websites

Education website owners have invested a lot of time, research and effort to create materials of high value.

Protect your hard work and brainpower from online thieves.

By default, WordPress only allows you to create 1 password to secure individual pages and posts

However, you really need to have multiple passwords per lesson post and it’d take too much time to create several passwords one by one

No worries, you can count on PPWP Pro!

Isn’t it great to be able to create unlimited passwords at the same time, effortlessly? 

Plus, the plugin’s UI cannot be more user-friendly

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Multiple Passwords - At Once


Set as many passwords as you’d like, for any lesson posts, at once. Customize your own passwords so that it’s easier for your students to remember.


Provide each student with a secure password to access the corresponding lesson


What’s more? Manage all these passwords in ONE place, providing a much more efficient way to better password control

Password protect by user roles

Beside the regular lessons, there’re advanced lessons that you’ve put extra work into

Setting specific user roles’ access to grant only those qualified to access your premium lesson content

Either set multiple passwords for a user role or one password for multiple user roles

Control password usage

Usage limit/ expiration date for multiple passwords proves useful to better manage & track your passwords 

Basic tracking, available right in the popup screen, allows you to know how many times each password has been used by your students

To track the time when each password is entered together with the IP address and browser, let’s explore our Statistics extension

Ready to create multiple passwords for your WordPress sites?