Comprehensive Password Solution for Every WordPress Site

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Unlike WordPress default feature – PPWP Pro allows you to create multiple passwords for individual pages and posts with ease!

Single clicks to create as many passwords, random or custom, as you’d like 

Password protect your content by user roles. Great for your Elearning or membership site! 

Limit password usage and auto expiry by dates or clicks to prevent password sharing

Unlock multiple content with ONE password

Imagine having a skeleton key to open every secured door? That’s exactly what it feels like to use PPWP Pro for your WordPress sites

Simply share the same password across groups of pages, posts and custom post types

Unlock all protected content at the same time – using a single password

Perfect for your online stores. Lock premium collections and offer them to certain customers only

Simple solution to complex problems


Easy management

Have all passwords - by roles or global - stored in one dashboard.
How easy to be in control.


Complete protection

No one - without your permission - could be able to access protected content. It's just totally secured!


Awesome support

Have a question? Need a custom solution? Wonder if this is the right fit for your sites? We're always around for you.

“Love how the plugin works and how the team gives support. Even a custom question they came with a great solution. It’s not only a plugin you buy! You get a partner.”

Amazingly powerful tools for content protection