Passwordless Authentication

Unlock password protected content using NO PASSWORD

Opening the doors to a brighter, passwordless future!

Offering the best concert online?

Granting access to your protected events via contact forms is useful in more ways than one.

  • An efficient way to collect user information 
  • Facilitate user access without the need to remember passwords
  • Generate leads for marketing campaigns

Protect content

Lock your virtual concert page with PPWP Pro with just a simple click. 

Create form

Use a contact form plugin to create a new form. 

Later, authenticate participants with the desired information, e.g. email or username.

Grant access

Assign the contact form to a protected page or post. 

Require users to fill in a contact form instead of a password form to enter the event.

Keep unwanted eyes away from your valuable content

Besides using contact forms to protect your content, you can make things even simpler using Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA

Say it again

“Are you a robot?”

Protect content

Password protect your virtual concert page with PPWP Pro.

Configure reCAPTCHA

Register your site, then get the site key and secret key from Google.

Grant access

Assign reCAPTCHA to the protected event. 

Require virtual concert-goers to verify reCAPTCHA to access the event.

Always forget your passwords?